7mm mauser no markings. Outstanding caliber that has been hunted all over the world for the last 100+ years. Paul Mauser was disappointed that Germany had adopted the Model 1888 without consulting him, but a 7. Comparing the two is about like comparing the . The 1908 Brazillian Mauser is, alongside the 1909 Argentine Mauser, considered to represent the very finest of pre-WW1 German arms manufacturing. Like others said, photos show specific details without enough of an overall view. It does not have import marks. Due to a British navel blockade these rifles . Original 1916 short rifles were in 7mm Mauser ( 7x57 ). S. Mauser is designed as a five-round box style magazine located within the forearm with a huge variety of calibers. Replica Civil War Griswold & Gunnison Brass Frame Confederate Pistol - Non-Firing. The 7×57mm Mauser (designated as the 7 mm Mauser or 7×57mm by the SAAMI and 7 × 57 by the C. 98a. Metal finish is worn blue turning a patina, appears mechanically fine. Surplus ammo 7mm Mauser ball. I was wondering if anyone could help on identifying the value and . He is currious as to origin. 63 mm Mauser C96 “Broomhandle” pistol was at the Battle of Omdurman in 1898 by Sir Winston Churchill, and he later carried it during the Boer War. I can tell you the follower was made by JP Sauer e37 accepted proof. Receiver and bolt numbers are mismatches. The same goes for red stag and roe deer in Europe and New Zealand as well as most species of African plains game . 334 Posts. I believe its chambered in 8mm as well. Caliber: 7mm Mauser (7x57mm) Action Type: Bolt Action, Internal Magazine. 1893 v. The converted rifles typically have the caliber 7. G. Chambering is 7mm Mauser, 7x57mm, for lower pressure loads. They can be used to get some historical information about your particular rifle. Help identify and finding value of a 7mm Mauser. 07-1625. Barrel length: approximately 24 inches. has no proofing houses (as in England, France, Germany and other European countries), most U. SOLD Manufacturer: SN: 29 Caliber Info: 7x57 MM Mauser Metal Condition: Very good, receiver is blued. Re: 7mm 1916 Spanish Mauser with falangist crest? Post. The demand of new 7MM MAUSER rifle's has risen 2 units over the past 12 months. The gentleman that owned it was also a gunsmith and would build Mauser rifles. . ) Boer War contract and Chilean contract Model 1893 DWM full-length 7×57 Mauser rifle. The bolt handle is stright and all else aperars to be standard 98 type. 270 vs the 30-06. M48: 1948-1952 - The initial version of the M48, with full crest and all machined steel parts. One is an 1893 model, the other an 1895 model. Year of Manufacture: 1894. There are three main versions of the M48. I zeroed it in at 200 yards. com/spanish-1916-mauser-bolt-action-short-rifle,-7x57,-good,-used. $104. The '95 Chilean Mauser is chambered for 7mm Mauser. 62 marked on them. Feedback: 13 / 0 / 0. Since the U. The 7mm Mauser — also known as the 7x57mm Mauser, 7mm Spanish . Mauser K-98k. Markings: There is no visible import mark. Like Mauser's earlier rifles, the Model 1895's bolt . No caliber nor gunsmith. 75 used . jgsales. What is a 7MM MAUSER Rifle Worth? A 7MM MAUSER rifle is currently worth an average price of $660. 63 Mauser. 98AZ and Kar. Only show this user. Very good. The used value of a 7MM MAUSER rifle has risen $17. These rifles were marked with the Venezuelan coat of arms, and had a . Location. #6. The two rifles are very similar except for caliber and barrel . 99. manufacturers voluntarily proof their firearms with a specifed Re: Yugo M48 no crest. 3075,fire formed 7x57 Mauser brass put a . Brownell & Son, 1976, 12th printing 1991). The bolt is clearly from a 98 Mauser. Import mark Oveido Spain M1916 / Samco MIA FL 7mm MAU under the barrel near the muzzle. 132. German Mauser Model 71/84 Bolt Action Rifle German Mauser Model 71/84 Bolt Action Rifle 11mm cal. Both carry the crest of Chile. Add to Compare. Howdy Rem farmer. Milwaukee, WI. 18. By 1926 the Geco catalogue was showing the Standard Model 1914 Mauser pistol in 7. html_____. by SA1911a1 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:51 pm. I do not have a 7mm Mag cartridge yet to try but even that doesn't really confirm caliber. This was actually a FN-produced M-1924 Mauser bayonet that had the barrel opening in the muzzle ring enlarged to fit the flash hider on the FN-49. 277 lands. Caliber: usually 7. Loading the Boer Mauser was accomplished with five-round chargers; it made for a fast and fumble-free method. However the MAG - 216xx is clean and deep. Maker marked in 1930 from the Spanish Oviedo Arsenals. Brazilian national crest on receiver ring, mfg. #1. 62 from both 1916 and 1893 rifles in the 1960’s. The barrel is very wide at first but quickly tapers down to be consistent with the . 98 Mauser Short Rifle Stock for Large Ring Action, 38" long, Wood *As Is* $24. 92×57 mm, others like Argentine and Belgian Mausers fire 7. In Mauser Pocket Pistols 1910-1946 by Roy G. His horse was shot dead under him , the bullet traveled through his leg and through . This used Astra 900 is a semi-automatic pistol which fires the 7. Serial Number: A2772. Olson (third edition, F. ) is a first-generation smokeless powder rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge. These bayonets have no markings except for a serial number on the back of the handle. The German Mausers which are believed to be original ones have a caliber of 7. The K-98k is a bolt action rifle that was built on the Model 98 system in the 8mm Mauser caliber. There is a “Z” on . Ihe sling swivels are on the bottom and, also on the side in the German style. * MEASUREMENTS – posting this at work, I can get this later if needed. The supplement to German 1892 proof rules and tables shows 222,5 as the guage number for 7,00 dia bore dia. 945. The Model 1895 Mauser was a slim, well-balanced, and elegant rifle that served the hard-riding, straight-shooting Boers well during the war on the South African veldt a century ago. Re: how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle - 06/04/11. I think it is a heavily sporterized German Kar 98k, possibly with a bolt from a 98a. That my Story an I'm sticking to it. The S/N is U5394. 65×53 mm, Spanish and Chilean Mausers fire 7×57 mm and the Swedish Mausers fire 6. Jay's Guns & Accessories IV. 32 used. 63 Mauser round. 275 Rigby) both refer to the same smokeless powder rifle cartridge, which was created in the late 1800s by German ballistics expert Paul Mauser. M48A: 1952-1956 - Inclusion of stamped parts. Pender III (on page 99) we see a presentation Mauser Humpback pistol given to Adolph Drossel by Paul Mauser. V. #4 · Jul 22, 2013. 65 mm. * MARKINGS – aside from serial number, appears to be scrubbed. The Model 1893/1895 Mauser chambered for the 7×57 cartridge. Bought a 4x16x40 scope for it and took her out to the range. Nothing. I. The barrel is ALSO, Naked, Blank, Bare. No one here said about slugging the barrel. #7. This rifle became the main German battle rifle of World War II, and was exported by the Germans to several other countries. Check out J&G Sales here:http://www. A rare Orange Free State (O. Construction is steel and walnut. 09-07-2014, 03:15 PM. Spanish Mauser Model 1916 Short Rifle. Numbers on the bolt handle, a 02 on the reciever and a couple proof marks scattered throught. They said if the bullet goes 3/4 or so of the way in the muzzle, it should still be 7mm. I have a rifle 8MM cal, It is not German at least not that I can see. Any ideas? Nov 18, 2002. This pistol was manufactured between 1928 and 1936 and is a. Astra 900 Broomhandle 7. Now someone on another forum said if it was rechambered for 308, it should swallow a 7x57 Mauser bullet at the muzzle. I think what you have is a Modelo 1916 Spanish Mauser, most likely made by Oviedo. I purchased the sporterized 7x57 Mauser for my wife for 100 bucks. 5" barrel and blued finish. W. Matching numbers dated 1888. markings on left side rail. No Waffenamts, the receiver ring has no indications of grinding or removed markings. (MAN) Who did produce K98 parts so the FP was . The Venezuelans used a bayonet with a 15-inch single edge blade. The used value of a 7MM MAUSER rifle has risen $137. As a hunting round, the 7mm Mauser excels for deer, black bear and wild pigs. I looks just like a Yugo M-48 except the wood stock and handguard are shorter - about 9 inches from the end of the barrel. the M48A used sheet metal stampings for the magazine floor plate. Here is what I did to get them to shoot Slug the bore ,it came out . 1895 Mauser. smokeless-powder rifle that he developed was adopted by Belgium in 1889. It is designated as a Model “1895” Carbine despite the earlier dates on the receiver. Make: Spanish Mauser Model: 1893 Serial Number: C9697 Year of Manufacture: 1893. Finish is smooth with no obvious sign of polishing. The regulated round feed Mauser 98 bolt action system was no longer produced for the German military after World War II ended in 1945. Mauser Bolt Markings - 17 images - excellent model 1895 mauser chilean dwm contract bolt action rifle, armslist for sale bnz 41 german mauser k98 all nazi marking, a modern classic mauser m12 review, two mauser pattern european bolt action carbines, Chilean Mil. 7×57mm Mauser. Likely arsenal refurbished over the years of service, serial numbers no longer match (receiver, stock and magazine do). Still a popular choice for hunting deer, antelope, black bear, and more, the 7mm Mauser is known for its flat trajectory, mild recoil, and . A very old person , 84 years of age handed a 7x57 Mauser in yesterday at the gunsmith shop. In this episode of TFBTV, old man James Reeves spends 20 straight minutes reminiscing . * CALIBER – 7mm Mauser. The 8x57 is more like the 30-06, in that it handles heavy bullets at higher velocities than the 7x57 can achieve. Maybe german, but who knows cause whoever did the sporting scrubed it of its bluing and markings. The bolt appears to be standard Mauser G98 type in that it has a straight bolt handle and the length of the bolt body is 161,8mm/6. Rare OVS Boer War / Chilean M1893 DWM Mauser 7×57 Rifle in Very Nice Condition. Surplus Rifle: German KAR. No Markings, no original serial number, except what looks like another countries serial. I have had to take a few short cuts in presenting this litle contribution; if any forum member needs to know more, I would be happy to supply sources and citations. Venezuela ordered 4,000 FN49s in 7mm Mauser in 1948. It looks to me like the follower has the remnants of a WWII inspector marking. 95. Aut Pax Aut Bellum. This is evidenced by the 4 digit S/N with no letter prefix, these rifles were re-serialed when they were "scrubbed", rather than retaining the original 1893 or 1895 serial numbers. A friend has a Mauser in 7mm with no markings except the serial number on the receiver. First group of three was less then two inches @ 200 yards. Type is bolt action Mauser Rifle. It was probably built from other Mauser parts to make a Sporter. The top of the receiver is marked with a faded Chilean Crest. daw8752. (C&R) STANDARD GERMAN MAUSER 98 BAYONET WITH 9 STANDARD GERMAN MAUSER 98 BAYONET WITH 9 3/4" blade later etched decoration to the blade EST 20-30. (read more) Gun #: 966833946. Attached to the 7x57 Mauser is a story. Could be something else with a follower from another rifle. D. A mild-recoiling cartridge, the 7mm Mauser packs enough punch for long-range work on big game of all sorts. USA. There may be surplus military ammunition still floating around from Cheaper Than Dirt or other sources and the round is still loaded commercially. 5×55 mm. P. The demand of used 7MM MAUSER rifle's has risen 19 units over the past 12 months. No way to tell when or where it was actually made having been scrubbed . It was made for Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (South African Republic) or ZAR. In a 98 style rifle, the 7x57 can be loaded close to the . ikar said: I'm working on cleaning up a friend's Mauser but have a couple questions on the markings, or lack there of. But the 1893 was not made for Chile initially. * ACTION – bolt action. The 7,0 is bore dia in mm, the 7,25 is the groove dia in mm. Can anybody help me figure this thing out? The only other marking I can find is 7mm stamped on the side of the barrel. 309 cast bullet on top of light charge of 3031IMR. *Using 80% condition for calculating used Values. It is a Z or a N in circle. 05 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $660. Traditions Firearms . It was subsequently adopted by . Old West Mare’s Leg Rifle Replica - Non-Firing Gun, Antique Grey Finish Metal Construction, Wooden Forestock - Length 21”. Box sasy. The following table lists the ordnance codes found in Mauser Bolt Rifles by L. In good looking condition, and in original 7mm Mauser caliber. The proof marks shown below will assist in determining nationality of manufacturers when no other markings are evident. If the rifle is not of German manufacture, but clearly uses the Mauser action, use a combination of rifle caliber and receiver markings to determine the country of origin. I was told it is a 7mm MAG . $413. Length: approximately 44 inches. Oct 30, 2009. * TYPE – Long gun. They placed a second order for 4,000 in 1951, for a total of 8,000 rifles. 92 mm and fire 7. It is inscribed with the date of March 1914 and has the serial number 130. Picked up a strange BNZ K98. Since 1999, the new Mauser M 98 and M 98 Magnum rifles for civilians have been in production. 370″ with a barrel shank of 35,6mm/1. The attached pics show examples of the two types of 7mm Mauser ammunition; as well as appropriate headstamps (base markings). There are Russian letters stamped along the side of the receiver anf the marking on top looks like an ice cream cone with a of wings going up each side and a star where the . Both soft point for hunting and FMJ for blasting. The top of the receiver is marked with the Venezuelan crest, “* / L” and with an “arrow” (2 Belgian proofs). Made in late 1897 or early 1898. Tips. 9 Reviews. The Guardia Civil rifles, marked with the crest of crossed sword and fasces, apparently were converted to 7. Jan 6, 2010. I clean my weapons thoroughly after every shooting but am just curious about this stuff. There is very few markings on this rifle at all. A good friend of mine worked in a gun shop in the early 70s. Caliber: 7x57mm (7mm Mauser) Action Type: Semi Auto, Detachable Magazine. 28″ barrel. 98 Mauser Sling Parade Loop *Very Good* $7. Can anybody help me figure this thing out? This auction is for what I believe to be a variant of a spanish mauser. Add to Cart. 44 Caliber 1851 Navy Black Powder Revolver with Nickel Finish, Black Grip. 75 . 32'' barrel S/N 8246. Both types of bayonet will fit any SAFN. Back to the barrel markings; my own 1898 Oberndorf Mauser for John Rigby is marked thusly: 7,0 7,25 220 and under this is 222,5. Green sealant on primers and where the bullet meets the casing. These changes sped production while lowering cost. The 7mm Mauser is a great cartridge for hunting medium sized North American game like whitetail deer, feral hogs, javelina, pronghorn, black bear, elk, javelina, mountain lion, caribou, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat. M1912 Chilean Mauser 5 Round Bolt Action 7mm Mauser by Waffenfabrik Steyr - Made In Austria - Surplus Fair Condition, Missing Parts, Incomplete. 92x57mm. During the Anglo Boer war his grandfather used this Mauser in war. #3. The left side of the receiver is marked with the serial number, two proofs and “MAUSER CHILENO MODELO 1895 / MANUFACTURA LOEWE BERLIN”. Senior Member. It was developed by Paul Mauser of the Mauser company in 1892 and adopted as a military cartridge by Spain in 1893. Seller: Jay's Guns & Accessories IV. The Mauser M 98 is a line of bolt-action hunting rifles that are presently being produced (2020). it is a 7x57 and has a steel plate displaying MAUSER on the butt of the gun. Crest Markings are no longer visible. This will be ongoing with more photos added. -p-80642. Any major sporting goods company will have 7x57 (7mm Mauser) ammo. The 12 month average price is $671. Mismatched rifle Czech bolt. Looks like 1976 vintage if I'm reading the box right. and bore mikes out to . $146. Boer . A Falangist Crest is a mixed drink consisting of a jigger of rum and a jigger of port wine with a twist of lime. This was my first deer hunting rifle, paid $20 for a surplus K-98 that was sporterized. See photo for specs. You may need to use a Mauser rifle identification guide, as the number of Mauser rifle variants is too great to list here. DWM, in turn contracted some rifles out to Mauser Oberndorf, which was also owned by Loewe at the time. The rifles were produced by DWM, then owned by the Ludwig Loewe Company. Estimated Value. “Karamojo” Bell used the 7mm surgically to take down elephants in the early 1900s. M. The actual barrel appears to get smaller evenly, but there is notch or thin ring around the halfway point of the barrel. Most of the 1908's . Caliber: 7mm Mauser Action Type: Bolt Action, Internal Magazine Markings: There is a kind of winged “plus” sign on the bottom of the floorplate. Near excellent overall condition with 98%+ original arsenal blue–except on the butplate. It "could" be a Argentine M1909 action if it never was blued but I don't think the metal isn't polished looking enough for that. Carthage. Caliber: 7mm Mauser (7 X 57mm) Action Type: Bolt Action with Internal Magazine Markings: There is no visible import mark. Heavily sporterized M98 action Mauser rifle. The bottom of the bolt is flat and there is a gas hole identifying this as a model of 1893. The first “famous” use of a 7. It has a 4. These two rifles are both 7x57mm. The Mauser Modelo 1908 long rifle became the standard infantry rifle for the Brazilian Army in 1908. 100″ Stripping the bolt revealed a firing pin with Waffenamt WaA53 which denotes Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg A. It has no markings on it at all, the only small stamp I can find is on the knob of the bolt. 7mm Mauser and 7×57 Mauser (the British version is the . 270, especially with lighter bullets. Jan 3, 2020. Nov 12, 2007. The maker of any particular rifle can be determined by looking at . The Model 1895 Carbine was not approved by the Military until 1895. My wife has literally shot two times ever. I have had 2 of these Mexican 7mm Rolling blocks.

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